Friday, February 11, 2011


Time taken away, should have stayed
can't go on living this way
Left for places far away to buy the time to spend with you for days
the harder I worked the quicker I could be there for you
But time, passes, and slowly it seems,
time is catching up on me
moved back home to see you every weekend
still no time, always a rush

Daddy come play with me,
Its time for bed son maybe in the morning before your gone,
again out of my life,
your voice twinkles when I hear you through the phone
The time that I Had now has gone

washed away with my tears
and all these years stuck in the Vally
But Daddy Didn't see you enough when he lived in Iowa
so even though there were no jobs here
I came back to have Time with you.

The days now go on forever and the nights seem perpetually dark
to much time, to much alone since you've been gone.
eight hours away, my baby boy, I'll be with you soon
please understand it may be months, maybe a few
Saint Louis is the start point to get me back to you.
I love you with all my heart.

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