Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stuck in the steps

Ok, Well here is the story of the Pic. I was partying one night with a few of my friends, and my boy Dik was staying with me and he slept on a mattress under the steps, (By his choice I had a 4 bedroom house). Well the downstars and where he stayed was our bar. So one night we got wasted, I mean destroyed like 2 bottles of absolute, and at that time, when we ran out we would just start mixing stuff. Beer, Wine, Apple Puckers, Gin, whatever, all together and drink that... It always ended up purple. So I was lit up and my GF at the time was trying to get me to go upstairs and go to bed, Well, I made it halfway up, and Dik was saying shit from under the stairs so I decided I was going to go back down and party somemore. My GF still wanted me to go to bed and wouldn't let me go down, so I decided to try to go through the steps. Well that didn't work out so great and I ended up passing out right there. They snapped Pics of it and laughed. Needless to say I was sore the next day.