Thursday, August 16, 2001


Just woke from a dream about Steph. She called me after not talking to her in a while (Kinda of like how it is now I haven't talked to her in a week and a half) To tell me to come pick her up.. Me and chris go to get her and I bring her back to my house, but it is my old house in Mt. Pleasant. She has A friend with her, Joe shows up at my house And I find out her and Joe are getting married then he leaves. I got real upset and went off ( This was in my parents old bedroom) And she starts to leave... I told her to wait and went in to call off work... When I come out from calling off work, we are at st C mall.. at the info booth.. Her and her frind are trying to buy stuff for her wedding.. It is like 7:30 in the morning in the dream, on a Wensday, the mall closed at 4:00 for building inspectors.... Thats all I remember.......

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